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History of Bjornberg 1781
Originally a Finnish family business, currently with its seat in Switzerland, the company has been on the market since 1781. We aim to provide the best services possible for realising each and every order starting from a non-binding demand to just-in-time orders realised with focus on the maximum satisfaction of our customers. We wish our brand to be the No. 1 in our field.
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Branch Bjornberg 1781 in Prague
Bjornberg 1781 has been operating on the market since 2014 when the company owners Henrik and Gustaf Bjornberg decided to purchase the office of representation in Prague and Warsaw from the global leader in the paper industry - Norske Skog, by means of which the company acquired the exclusive right to sell all paper products of Norske Skog on the Czech, Slovak, and Polish market. Our stable eight-member team does business with major newspaper and magazine publishers and cooperates directly with commercial printing houses. We enjoy our jobs and feel motivated and satisfied, which is evident considering our nearly zero fluctuation rate.
- Paper is what we love -
Norske Skog
As the name of the brand indicates itself (Norske = Norwegian, Skog = forest), Norske Skog was founded (in 1962) originally as a wood processing company. With its 4 paper mills, Norske Skog is the second largest European producer of wood containing publishing paper (newsprint and magazine paper). At the same time, with its other 3 paper mills in the territory of Australia and New Zealand, it is the only producer of these kinds of paper in this area. Not only is Norske Skog well-known for the quality of its paper, but also for its environmental policy. All wood used in the production comes from sustainable forestry and its individual mills attempt to reduce its carbon footprint continuously.

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What are our company values?

Stable team

We have been working under the same roof and as the same team for over 15 years (at first for Norske Skog, now for Bjornberg 1781). We take pride in responsibility, loyalty and mutual respect to one another as well as during negotiations with our business partners.

Professional services

The fact that we sell quality publication papers is well-known about our company. What we are also praised for is being fair to our clients (as well as to one another), and for being reliable, flexible, and transparent.

Social responsibility

We realise that any industry in general has adverse effects on the environment. Therefore, we take pride in cooperating with paper mills to which the protection of the environment is a priority.
These companies process wood and support projects on planting new forests.

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High-quality newsprint recognised for its excellent printability and runability characteristics. Suitable for the CSWO technology.

Improved newsprint

Newsprint with higher brightness properties. Especially well-suited for offset printing – CSWO and HSWO.


Calandered uncoated paper well-suited for rotogravure and HSWO.


Light weight coated (LWC) newsprint comes in several brightness levels, matt or gloss finish, and many basic weights. Its high quality facilitates significantly printing of magazines, catalogues, promotion materials and other commercial literature.