Is Norske Skog’s Polish logistics to be affected by truck traffic holiday restrictions?

At Bjornberg 1781, we do everything for our customers to be satisfied, exactly in compliance with the Norske Skog credo – responsibility, open mind, and cooperation. Besides the paper production itself, we are also responsible for its timely and flawless delivery. We take interest in issues which could be associated with transport and logistics.
Recently there were some legislation changes in Poland, extending the holiday truck traffic ban even to weekends. That’s why our colleague, Elwira Tutak, was invited to attend a meeting at Walstead Kraków along with Anna Długaszewka, company manager for the Polish market, and with the representative of the Norske Skog Bruck paper mill, i.e. Michael Schramböck, Commercial Manager, and Elke Prasch, Head of Logistics, which took place at the end of July.
On a long-term basis, the printing house has been dealing with a lack parking spaces for trucks. That’s why it is necessary for the deliveries to be planned precisely according to an hourly schedule. Even under the previous conditions it was difficult, let alone the current situation with the weekend ban of truck traffic.
The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and all parties gained some news of importance. At the same time, all of them made a commitment to fulfil their obligations to the fullest extent. Customers will attempt to release their orders for delivery as much in advance as possible and try to avoid making modifications later on. Information for the production mill will be passed by Bjornberg 1781 as quickly as possible. Norske Skog Bruck will take care of the timely logistics.
For Elwira it was the first visit to a printing house for the entire time she has been working for Bjornberg 1781. Her impressions are totally positive: “I finally met the people I have been in contact with on a daily basis and I’m glad to have seen their faces. The atmosphere at the meeting was really pleasant and I believe that our further cooperation will continue being this positive. I hope to be able to come to this place soon again.”