Modernised production line proudly displayed by Severotisk

On Thursday, 13 June 2019, the Severotisk Ústí nad Labem printing house invited its business partners to the ceremonial announcement of operation novelties.

Printing constantly

It was a ceremonial initiation of production of the most modern printing rotary machine Lithoman III S (48 pages). Ing Josef Doležal, Managing Director at Bjornberg 1781, was also present. The event was very successful and, besides business meetings, there was a chance for informal talks that were running to early morning hours.


Besides the discussions with respect to printing and paper, the memory of the former director of the Severotisk print mill, Alena Mlezivová, was honoured. The former director led the company from the very beginnings in 1995 until the year 2012 when she succumbed to a serious disease. “It’s very nice to see that her colleagues have not forgotten about her. A star with her name will forever shine on the Walk of Fame at the entrance to the administration building of the printing house and another star is displayed on the wall of the main meeting room,” added Josef Doležal.

Her memory honoured collectively

Josef Doležal, along with the commercial director of the Severotisk printing house, Karel Blecha, and with Edita Slezáková from the Slovak publishing house Petit Press laid flowers at Alena Mlezivová’s grave and lit candles there. “During that moment, we shared one more memory of Alenka and we agreed that life can really be unfair sometimes,” concludes Josef Doležal.