Do you know the most economical way to print demanding publications?

Are you thinking which paper to use to print your materials? If the contents are extraordinary, they certainly deserve to be printed on paper of extraordinary quality. Why not try NorSC Polar?

New family member

The Norske Skog Saugbrugs paper mill has launched various new SC papers on the market, such as NorSC Value or NorSC Light. In May 2019, a new type of paper was added to the range, i.e. LWU NorSC Polar. Kjell-Arve Kure, the Managing Director of Norske Skog Saugbrugs adds: “We have been optimising our product portfolio in the past several years. NorSC Polar is our newest product, well-suited for the range of our products. Thanks to its brightness ISO 80, NorSC Polar constitutes a great and economical alternative to coated LWC paper.“

Why NorSC Polar?

These days, publication paper of high brightness, which makes it look even more luxurious, sets a clear trend. NorSC Polar, which is designed for printing demanding publications, meets these requirements. It is ideal for all kinds of magazines as well as leaflets and other publications. Its advantage is high brightness, excellent opacity and, above all, fine printability.
When a machine takes over your work
At Norske Skog Golbey, the automatisation trend also took advantage of the trend. How did this affect the operation of the company?

Considerable investment

The paper mill purchased a total of 12 automatic fork-lifts for handling paper reels. It was an investment of EUR 5 million. After successful launch to production, we could see that the automation process provided many benefits not only to the employees, but also to customers. What has improved?
Higher safety level for warehouse workers – handling heavy paper reels was taken over by the fork-lift trucks.
No damage when handling the reels – thanks to the machines, human error rate was minimised.
Non-stop operation – these fork-lift trucks can work 24/7 and never get tired.
Decision which has already paid off
The fact that automatisation has already paid off to the paper mill is evident also due to the fact that there are only 13 employees working in the logistics department, taking care of the storage and dispatching of 550,000 tonnes of paper per year. 14 trains and 65 trucks are dispatched from the paper mill on a daily basis.

Perfect logistics

The Norske Skog Golbey paper mill is also very particular about other parts of the logistics chain:

  • 95% of trucks fulfil the E6 standard, currently the strictest European standard with respect to emissions
  • 35% of shipment is realised via railway
  • Waste paper is shipped by gas-operated trucks
  • Maximum usage of the reverse loading option – trucks transporting production raw materials transport the produced paper back to the end customers


Technical specifications